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by Nicole Gauger

Berlin. callas software, a leading provider of automated PDF quality assurance and archiving solutions, recently released License Server, a dynamic way of licensing callas products. With the arrival of License Server, Pixartprinting could finally migrate to a cloud-based infrastructure where they are not tied with a specific set of servers that runs pdfToolbox. Now, they can add or remove servers at will based on the workload.

by Nicole Gauger

Berlin. axaio software, callas software and Four Pees invite you once again to their annual VIP Event. The focus this year will be on version 11 of pdfToolbox, which will be available immediately after the close of the event. In addition to this showcase, 20 different sessions will deliver grounded knowledge and practical tips for working with callas’ pdfToolbox, pdfaPilot and pdfChip products, as well as axaio’s MadeToPrint and MadeToTag. Attendees can also book individual training sessions. The VIP Event will be held in Riga from October 21-23, 2019.

by Nicole Gauger

Karlsruhe. After becoming independent in October 2018, Congree Language Technologies Ltd has now moved to its own premises in Karlsruhe.

by Bianka Boock

Kempen. TMG Clothing, manufacturer and dealer of high-quality workwear, has changed its fulfillment service provider within a very short time. In just three weeks, PORTICA designed all processes for reliable, same-day worldwide dispatch of orders received via the web shop and for preparatory services for fulfillment by Amazon – so-called Pre-FBA work.

by Nicole Gauger

Karlsbad. Across Systems GmbH now offers a free white paper that examines the subject of machine translation (MT) in detail. Among other things, the white paper shows enterprises how they can successfully implement machine translations in their processes. Moreover, Across offers special webinars and on-site training that feature hands-on instructions and specific action recommendations for the introduction and use of MT systems.

by Nicole Gauger

Berlin. callas software, ein führender Anbieter automatisierter Werkzeuge für die PDF-Verarbeitung, kündigte heute eine Partnerschaft mit der Keep In Mind GmbH an. Als Technologie-Provider unterstützt Keep In Mind Verlage beim Digital Publishing. Dazu hat das Unternehmen die Lösung e-dicola entwickelt, die PDF-Dateien so aufbereitet, dass sie auf sämtlichen mobilen Endgeräten korrekt dargestellt werden. Mit der Integration von callas pdfToolbox verläuft dieser Bereinigungs-Workflow vollständig automatisiert. Verlage können somit ihren Kunden ihre für Print erstellten Publikationen in kürzester Zeit auf Smartphones, Tablets oder Smart-TVs zur Verfügung stellen.