Nicole Gauger

Nicole Gauger
Managing Director

As a graduate (BA) in information systems, I am fascinated by how IT affects, simplifies and streamlines processes – in short, how it affects everything.

I believe very strongly in explaining complex technical details in ways everyone can understand, and in putting the focus on positive benefits – just as our name, good news!, suggests. I see our agency as the bridge between businesses and the public. For me, individual, personal support for our customers is a key part of this role.

I get my energy from keeping fit and going on fasting hikes. After all, you don’t need much when you’re simply captivated by the moment.

Bianka Boock

Bianka Boock
PR Consultant, Social Media Manager (FH)

As a trained journalist, I have always been interested in stories, how they are told, and with what tools. The development of information technology really put me under its spell, which is how I found good news!. Here, I combine news from our customers with stories that can be told through all kinds of channels in so many different ways – from picture galleries in corporate brochures, to newspaper articles, to tweets.

As a PR consultant and social media manager (FH), I help our customers answer all their communication questions, from planning through to evaluating results.

My hobbies include dancing, travel and photography.

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