Targeted communication

Even the best story is only effective when clearly communicated and when it reaches the right recipient. We therefore offer a comprehensive range of services to help you with the practical matters of telling your story:

Creating social media profiles

Are you still missing a Twitter profile or a Facebook page? Are you still not on XING or Google+ even if it would be strategically useful? We’ll build striking company profiles for you on social networks and keep them constantly up to date.


We research backgrounds and facts in detail, including current industry news, press releases and specialist articles.


Different approaches are needed for different media. For print and online outlets, for promotional material and for editorials, we’ll develop case studies, blog posts, brochures, social network posts, websites, fliers and white papers, specialist articles, guest editorials, mailings, newsletters and press releases. When doing so, we always adhere to your wording, to ensure a consistent identity. In order to paint an optimal, complete picture, we make sure everything harmonises with everything else – what we call cross-media storytelling.


Want to be sure that your texts are written in perfect Standard English, stylistically suitable, well-formulated and plausible? Make the most of our proofreading Service!


Want to make sure the English-speaking world also sees your German text? Have an English text you want to promote in Germany? If so, you need a version which suits your target market. Since texts such as press releases can differ in character depending on their distribution area, a literal translation is rarely enough. Rather, the point is to account for a country’s standard style and its cultural expectations, legal requirements and linguistic peculiarities. You can rely on us to do just that. We work exclusively with experienced native speakers.


We research publications’ editorial calendars in detail to see if they really would be a good opportunity for placing your message. We’ll supply you with suggestions for which articles could score with which editors: time management for your key subjects!


In print or online, be it in Germany, the United Kingdom or in Spain, each press release is sent selectively to those journalists who might be interested in the subject. For each contact, we maintain a record of their interests and their linguistic affinities, and we work internationally with a range of experienced partners – ensuring that your messages reach the right People.

Organising press conferences and interviews

Want to invite journalists to a specific event? Be it at your offices, at a trade show booth or in a special location, we’ll help you to prepare events from individual meetings to entire press conferences in optimal fashion. We’d also be happy to help you find the right space and the right date. We’ll produce invitations, write scripts for speakers and create powerful informational material. Naturally, you can also rely on us as presenters, as well.