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windream GmbH releases new Version 5.5 of the windream ECM system

Many new functions and even better performance

Bochum. windream GmbH from Bochum released a new version of their Enterprise Content Management system windream. The new version 5.5 is now available for all customers and interested parties. Compared to the previous version 5.0, windream 5.5 convinces with a variety of new features and even more speed.

New features of the windream search application

The windream search application now offers a “Did you mean ...“ function and search functions for semantic queries. For example, documents similar to a selected document from the result list can be displayed and sorted by their relevance. Furthermore, the document preview windream DocView has been integrated into the search application, allowing you to directly display previews of retrieved documents. Furthermore, search profiles can be launched via a favorite list. The column configuration of the result list can be carried out separately for the single object types. The auto start function allows an even quicker launching of the search application.

New features in windream DocView

The document preview windream DocView now allows users to view and edit document properties. Further viewer technologies such as PDFXChange or Microsoft Preview can be used as plug-ins. Especially the use of the PDFXChange options significantly enhances the possibilities offered by the document preview application. For example, annotations, comments, notes or stamps can be used. A highlighting function and other marker functions (such as crossing out or underlining text passages) are also available. The MS Preview plug-in especially allows the display of media formats (video and audio formats).

New: windream DocView Pro

From windream version 5.5 forwards, the module windream DocView Pro, to be licensed separately, allows previews of documents saved outside of the windream drive. This offers windream users the convenient option of replacing the default document preview of the Windows Explorer under Windows 8 with the windream DocView Pro preview.

Extended functions of the windream Server

Among other things, the names of archived items can be changed on the windream Server tier. This applies to archived documents, to previous versions and to documents with exceeded lifecycles. The direct compression on archiving can be activated via the windream Management Console. Furthermore, the document history allows an extended logging of rights changes.

Modified VFS driver

The windream VFS driver now also supports 64 bit file sizes and the processing of files with a size of over two gigabyte (at present, the windream ObjectStore does not support this feature, but probably will by the third quarter of 2013). With the new windream 5.5 VFS DCOM driver, the Windows user switch can be used on a Windows 7 or Windows 8 windream Client. It allows the users of a client to connect to the windream drive with various windream DMS Servers.

windream DirectStreaming

On the basis of the patented VFS technology, windream 5.5 allows users to manage even large files, such as movies. Movies can be viewed and certain scenes can be selected directly without having to transfer the complete file to the windream Client computer. This is, for example, important for companies that want to efficiently manage large media archives with film and other media formats with windream or that want to capture data from digital capturing devices and therefore require quick access to these formats.

windream Proxy Server even faster

The new version of the windream Proxy Server convinces with even better performance. Among other things, the time required for launching the search application has been reduced to a minimum.

Compatibility to the new Microsoft product generation

windream 5.5 supports Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. Of course, Windows 8 as an operating system is also supported. Windows 8 users are also offered a “Metro” tile as an application for the windream fulltext search. Furthermore, windream 5.5 is compatible with all MS Office 2013 applications.

About windream GmbH:
windream GmbH develops and distributes the windream ECM-system. windream GmbH currently employs 75 people and supports a network of about 250 distribution, integration and cooperation partners throughout Europe, the USA, South America, Africa as well as Australia and New Zealand. International enterprises such as Babcock Noell, the DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung (German Air Traffic Control), Deutz AG, Swisscom, Koenig & Bauer AG and BKK Essanelle are included among the company's customers.

About the windream Enterprise Content Management System:
windream, protected by worldwide patent since 2003, is counted amongst the leading solutions for acquiring, administering and archiving electronic documents in the office sector as well as in the field of SAP-integrated applications. windream is the first ECM-system worldwide to be integrated into an operating system. The Standard Edition is generally used by smaller and medium-sized companies and the Business Edition by large enterprises. A whole variety of integrations into third-party products extend the windream product portfolio. Integrations into ERP-, resource management, financial accounting, knowledge management, groupware and imaging / data capturing solutions as well as integrations into different branch-specific software systems are included among the product range. windream has achieved a first-class result as a participant in the BARC studies "Enterprise Content Management" in all test disciplines.

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