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PORTICA now offers complete credit control solution


Kempen. PORTICA has expanded its range of debt collection solutions, connecting a customer’s credit control system with Prodefacto Forderungsmanagement GmbH. The result will benefit all interested web shop operators, as PORTICA, a full service provider for IT, logistical and financial processes, is integrating its new partner Prodefacto’s products – or those of other existing providers, as required – into the PORTICA e-commerce services range, allowing businesses to mitigate missed payments and high receivables.

“In Prodefacto, we have a partner offering a professional debt collection solution optimised to meet the needs of our clients’ individual businesses”, said Norbert Haab, Senior Manager Professional Services at PORTICA. At the beginning of the implementation, Prodefacto engages in intensive discussion with customers on all levels of operation. Depending on the customer’s products and target groups, the receivables management specialist produces targeted reminders and agrees them with the company, guaranteeing personal and respectful communication.

PORTICA seamlessly integrates the collection solution into e-commerce solutions with PORTICA shop, PORTICA erp and the credit control system PORTICA finance. The latter includes credit checks, billing and payment, customer accounting, and dunning. If the final stage of dunning is reached, the request need no longer be returned to the client but can instead be sent directly to the collections department. The whole process is transferred in full through an interface to Prodefacto Forderungsmanagement GmbH, which can use this data to proceed with confidence.
If the web shop operator requires status reports, for example on payments or partial payments received, other interfaces can be used. Accounting staff will receive all the information they need to continue efficiently processing the transaction. “Prodefacto provides the ideal support for our credit control processes”, explained Norbert Haab. The high-performance, fully-automated system can handle even large spikes in receivables with ease.

This solution allows web shop operators to minimise write-offs while keeping costs reasonable and without expending any extra effort themselves. Targeted reminders mean costs are reduced, turnover increases and customer loyalty is boosted.

About Prodefacto Forderungsmanagement GmbH:
Prodefacto Forderungsmanagement GmbH has been active in Germany and abroad for over 20 years. Based in Osnabruck, the company has been a member of the industry association Bundesverband Deutscher Inkasso-Unternehmen e.V. since 1993. Prodefacto’s customers benefit from a number of innovative services for managing information and receivables, with a range of solution strategies to suit many different factors including the industry, the target group, the products or services provided, the size of the receivable, and much more – because when payment is disrupted, targeted communication gets the best results. For more information, visit

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:
PORTICA is one of the German market’s leading process services providers, optimising IT, logistics and financial processes for over 40 years. The company serves clients in many industries and handles hundreds of projects each year for e-commerce, advertising media logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing. The company’s focus is on the efficient handling of processes using a combination of logistics, information and finance management. PORTICA is part of te Neues group together with the IT service provider GEDAK and the printing company te Neues. PORTICA is a member of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband (the German Dialog Marketing Association). For more information please visit the websites: and

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