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PORTICA erp – innovative support for retailers


Kempen. There comes a point in every retailer’s development – no matter whether B2B or B2C – when an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system becomes essential for managing the flow of goods through the business process. The market offers a range of solutions in different price classes, but PORTICA’s customers have no need to grapple with it all: They can rely on PORTICA erp. It offers retailers of any size, in any market, the ability to easily, intelligently and innovatively manage all their processes, from receipt of goods to order management and shipping.

PORTICA erp is based on standard technology from godesys, combining both new and time-tested functionality into one highly-scalable solution. Its modular nature guarantees that businesses will have access to the features they need to complete the tasks specific to their business, be it for e-commerce, sales promotions or merchandise logistics. In concrete terms, the functions provided by PORTICA erp depend on which fulfilment services the customer selects, such as storage, picking, logistics, returns management or reporting services.

PORTICA erp also integrates easily with other systems. Using Business Connector, which provides import and export interfaces, it can securely connect to other systems such as web shops and ERP, CRM or accounting systems. This means that the web shop can automatically process incoming orders, with the associated data integrating into existing systems. Another option is to integrate business intelligence applications and customs and catalogue systems with PORTICA erp.

Alternatively, customers can take advantage of tried-and-tested solutions from PORTICA. Integrating together seamlessly, they broaden the potential of PORTICA erp to meet the specific needs of each business. The PORTICA shop, for example, offers a flexible ordering platform for B2B and B2C products. PORTICA isa (Integrated System Administration) makes it easy to set up and manage products, while the PORTICA credit control system uses the certified, revision-safe FibuNet© system to provide order accounting features. The software can also interface with many carriers.

PORTICA erp also offers flexible reporting right out of the box, with standard reports covering a wide range of customer needs. Users can also aggregate any combination of database fields into one report, producing customized, chronologically flexible reports. Customers can also choose between a range of output formats and delivery options.

One further advantage: companies taking advantage of this wide range of solutions are relying on an experienced provider, guaranteeing professional implementation and support. PORTICA gives back to its customers with additional developments and implementations, offering permanent support through new creations. The synergistic effect of all these systems keeps both fixed and variable costs low, allowing all retailers to benefit from the potential within a professional ERP system, without risking their investment – and therefore holding onto more resources for use with their core business.

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:
PORTICA is one of the German market’s leading process service providers, optimising IT, logistical and financial processes for over 40 years. The company serves clients in many industries and handles hundreds of projects each year for e-commerce, advertising media logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing. The company’s focus is on the efficient handling of processes using a combination of logistics, information and finance management. PORTICA is part of te Neues group together with the IT service provider GEDAK and the printing company te Neues. PORTICA is a member of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband (the German Dialog Marketing Association) and a member of the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel (the Federal Association for E-Commerce and Mail Order Selling). For more information please visit the websites: and

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