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M-net optimises promotional logistics with PORTICA

Screenshot M-net shop for promotional materials

Kempen. The telecommunications service provider M-net has set up a new promotional logistics system with the help of PORTICA and handed it over to the full service provider for IT, logistical and financial processes. Starting immediately, the previous solution is being replaced with a modern B2B shop for promotional materials, with business-specific functionality and a logistical system running in the background. M-net can easily and precisely manage its promotional materials – retaining a complete overview of the situation.

“M-net uses the latest version of the PORTICA shop, based on the e-commerce platform OXID Enterprise Edition. We customised and added functionality to its already very extensive range of functions”, explained Jasmin Gerhardt, project manager at PORTICA.This included setting up project accounts, for example, and separate user groups for each different business unit. The appropriate staff can easily order flyers, posters, decorative items and other materials online based on their permissions and budgets.

In addition, M-net can use the promotional materials shop to broadcast messages to its shops and sales partners. To allow users could quickly and easily forward items to each other, PORTICA set up a special option to copy a shopping cart and send it to a new address. M-net staff can access a pool of previously-recorded delivery addresses when using this tool. A specially-created search function makes it easier to find specific addresses.

At the same time as implementing the web shop, PORTICA also began storing promotional materials locally. Items were identified and placed on pallets or in small-parts storage – a critical requirement for reliable logistics. As a full service provider in the areas of IT, logistics and financial processes, PORTICA ships out the ordered items directly, meaning that they usually reach recipients on the very next day. The process is controlled using the PORTICA erp, which is linked to the shop.

This interface means that M-net also benefits from a range of reports. These give the appropriate staff a precise overview of individual items and their distribution. Other additions, such as functional storage, can be implemented into the promotional materials shop at any time. This means that in the future, M-net will be able to individually manage items in a given storage location by themselves – for use by different divisions within the company, for example.

About M-net:
M-net Telekommunikations GmbH provides future-proof communication technology to large parts of Bavaria, the greater metropolitan area of Ulm and large parts of the Main-Kinzig district in Hesse. M-net offers a customised portfolio tailored to meet private customers’ and businesses’ communications needs, with internet-, data- and landline-based telephone services, mobile communications and complex on-site networking. With around 850 employees, the company has invested for many years in expanding fibre optic-based broadband networks in Munich, Augsburg and Erlangen, and in many other Bavarian municipalities and the Main-Kinzig district in Hesse. Founded in 1996, today M-net has around 280,000 customer connections. A turnover of around 182 million euros was achieved in the financial year of 2012. Behind M-net stands a strong, established circle of shareholders in the form of regional suppliers Stadtwerke München GmbH, Stadtwerke Augsburg Energie GmbH, Allgäuer Überlandwerk GmbH, N-ERGIE AG, infra fürth GmbH and Erlanger Stadtwerke AG.

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:
PORTICA is one of the German market’s leading process services providers, optimising IT, logistics and financial processes for over 40 years. The company serves clients in many industries and handles hundreds of projects each year for e-commerce, advertising media logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing. The company’s focus is on the efficient handling of processes using a combination of logistics, information and finance management. PORTICA is part of te Neues group together with the IT service provider GEDAK and the printing company te Neues. PORTICA is a member of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband (the German Dialog Marketing Association). For more information please visit the websites: and

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