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How cats and dogs get their goodie bags


Krefeld / Kempen. From Rover the retriever to Tiger the house cat, countless animals across Germany are receiving delicious goodie bags every day. The animal-friendly store Tierschutz-Shop is promoting the adoption of new four-legged friends – and now PORTICA is helping, too. The full service provider for IT, logistical, financial and customer service processes assembles the packages, forming one waypoint on a shipping route which actually begins a little earlier.

“Anyone who chooses a cat or a dog from an animal shelter or an animal protection organisation and wants to take advantage of our voucher promotion can simply register on our website. In doing so, they join Germany’s first adoption club”, explained Marco Wibben, e-commerce and collaboration executive at the Tierschutz-Shop. He added, “There, they upload their animal welfare contract. We check the data and get in touch with the relevant animal shelters or protection groups where necessary.” As long as everything is in order, the owner receives a welcome letter and – provided they take in their new companion within 90 days – they also receive a voucher for the goodie bag. When making a purchase from the Tierschutz shop above a certain minimum value, the new master or mistress can add the goodie bag to their shopping card and input the voucher code.

Tierschutz-Shop staff notify PORTICA of how many goodie bags they need, and what kind. As the items to be shipped are already in PORTICA’s warehouse, the individual cat and dog packages can be assembled straight away. PORTICA then sends the goodie bags to the wholesaler, where the bags are packed in with the rest of the order and then sent to the customer. “This is more than just a job for us”, said Holger Glang of PORTICA – a cat owner himself. “Supporting animal adoption with a sample food package is a really good idea. It means each pet can discover his or her favourite food without any additional cost to the owner. It’s great for us to be able to help with the promotion!”

The entire process is expected to start running even faster soon. By the end of next year, PORTICA will be able to pick and ship the goodie bags directly, as the fast-growing Tierschutz-Shop, expanding its capacity, is planning to hand over the entire logistical process to PORTICA. “We feel that PORTICA has really lifted us up. Their staff share our philosophy and work fast and professionally”, explained Marco Wibben. PORTICA’s ability to help fast-growing companies meet their targets also proved to be a decisive factor.

About the Tierschutz-Shop TSS GmbH & Co. KG:
The Tierschutz-Shop, founded in 2014 and based in Krefeld, is a labour of love from its founder and director Hanna Czenczak. The shop offers pet owners over 6,000 healthy and natural types of cat and dog food – none of it using animal testing – as well as snacks, toys made from natural materials, homeopathic medicine for cats and dogs, animal- and environmentally-friendly care products and much more. Ten per cent of each product sold is donated to animal protection – either to an animal home near the purchaser, or an animal protection society chosen by the purchaser. The Tierschutz-Shop promotes and supports pet adoption. Owners of cats and dogs from animal shelters and protection groups can register for free for the Adoption Club, receiving a welcome gift and benefiting from voucher-based promotions. For more information, visit

About PORTICA GmbH Marketing Support:
PORTICA is one of the German market’s leading B2B and B2C process service providers, optimising IT, logistical and financial processes for over 40 years. The company serves clients in many industries and handles hundreds of projects each year for e-commerce, advertising media logistics, sales promotion and business process outsourcing. The company’s focus is on the efficient handling of processes using a combination of logistics, information and finance management. PORTICA is part of te Neues group together with the IT service provider GEDAK and the printing company te Neues. PORTICA is a member of the Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband (the German Dialog Marketing Association) and a member of the Bundesverband E-Commerce und Versandhandel (the Federal Association for E-Commerce and Mail Order Selling). For more information please visit the websites: and

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