by Nicole Gauger

SIXT revs up with the PoINT Storage Manager

Siegen. The mobility service provider SIXT SE is using the PoINT Storage Manager to relieve the load on its primary storage system by moving seldom-used data to more cost-effective secondary storage. In doing so, the company is avoiding having to expand its primary storage and can make optimal use of its infrastructure.

Home directories containing countless Excel, Word, PowerPoint, email, video and image files were located on primary NetApp MetroCluster systems at SIXT. For cost optimization the company realised a hierarchical storage management (HSM) system to transfer inactive data from high-performance tier 1 storage clusters to NetApp FAS secondary storage. However, users needed to retain read access to all of this data without having to first move it back to primary storage. SIXT found the right solution to this challenge in the Enterprise Edition of the PoINT Storage Manager from PoINT Storage & Systems GmbH. The PoINT Storage Manager monitors how often users access data located on the primary storage level (tier 1). If a file is accessed only rarely – and if all of SIXT’s other defined criteria are met – the software automatically transfers it to the next storage tier, which is more cost-effective. Users can still access files via primary storage as usual, thanks to so-called “stubs” which allow users to read data even after it is moved without having to transfer it back to the high-performance storage system.

As a result, SIXT is able to minimise the storage space required on its primary system and reduce management work by automating the associated processes. Meanwhile, PoINT ensures that SIXT’s storage infrastructure remains flexible, as it remains compatible with all available storage technology, regardless of the manufacturer.

"The PoINT Storage Manager makes data available for users to read even beyond the confines of the data centre,” said Stefan Kerber, Head of Data Centre Management at SIXT. “The software reliably meets our needs, so we are very satisfied with it. Aside from the intuitive installation and the actual functionality, we particularly appreciate PoINT Software & Systems’ short lines of communication.”

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