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Replicate files and objects in S3 buckets: PoINT Data Replicator

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Siegen. PoINT Software & Systems GmbH has added a new product to its portfolio: the PoINT Data Replicator. This new solution lets users replicate both files and objects in an S3 object or cloud storage system.

Public cloud storage systems and on-premises object storage products have been popular choices for businesses and other organizations for many years. Among other reasons, this is because they are scalable, reliable and easy to integrate using an S3 interface.

With the PoINT Data Replicator, PoINT Software & Systems is responding to questions about data security that are raised by the use of these kinds of systems. First, the company’s new software solution makes it possible to replicate data stored within file systems (e.g. NAS drives) in a cloud or object storage solution. Second, the PoINT Data Replicator helps users protect their data once it is stored on the S3 system.

The software’s file-to-object functionality replicates file systems in an S3 bucket, using the file path as an object key so that standard S3 browsers display the original directory structure once replication is complete.

Hybrid- and multi-cloud solutions have become increasingly popular options for protecting data in cloud and object storage. Responsible firms make sure not to rely on any one supplier or product. To protect themselves, they save data to more than one type of S3 storage system (whether off- or on-premises). The new PoINT Data Replicator performs this task using its S3-to-S3 object replication function.

The object replication function replicates S3 objects, including their metadata, between any S3-enabled source and destination buckets. The replication process is supported by a database which ensures that every time the job repeats, only new files and objects are replicated. The solution also has extensive logging tools in order to meet auditing requirements and other needs.

Use tape as an additional S3 storage class
Cloud and object stores require additional security, something tape-based S3 object stores are particularly well suited to provide. The PoINT Archival Gateway is one product that can help here. Since tapes are both secure and cost-effective, tape storage systems capable of saving objects in their native format via an S3 interface are the ideal solution for securing cloud and object stores. The PoINT Data Replicator takes care of replicating backup data to an S3-capable tape system.

This results in a replica of the original data being saved to a separate, secure, cost-effective storage system. The replicated data can be accessed directly at any time thanks to the S3 API. This makes it possible to switch cloud providers without having to go through the costly process of restoring data from the cloud.

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