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PoINT Storage Manager 6.4: More archiving flexibility for users

User Controlled Archiving in PoINT Storage Manager 6.4

Siegen. Version 6.4 of the PoINT Storage Manager is available now. The focus for this latest release is the “User Controlled Archiving” function, which allows users to customise which data to archive and when. This makes it easier to maintain compliance and securely archive data.

Previously, the PoINT Storage Manager software had only given administrators the right to specify criteria and rules for automatically archiving data. This newly integrated function, “User Controlled Archiving”, is now also available to users as a Windows Explorer add-in. This makes archiving data just as easy as creating a copy of it, and eliminates the need to open another application or enter data in a separate interface.

The administrator specifies which users have the appropriate permissions to individually archive data and also determines which commands are available. This means that control over the archiving system as a whole is still centralised.

“User Controlled Archiving significantly expands the range of applications for our established software solution, the PoINT Storage Manager,” said Thomas Thalmann, CEO at PoINT Software & Systems GmbH. “Many of our customers have been asking for this new feature, which is now here for version 6.4.” For more information, visit

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PoINT Software & Systems GmbH is specialized in the development and distribution of software products for storage, management and archiving of data. Our data & storage management solutions offer an easy and efficient integration of different storage technologies and systems in consideration of enterprise requirements. PoINT products allow optimized usage of storage systems and help to reduce costs and issues caused by data growth. The software solutions fulfil compliance and archiving requirements and provide independence from storage technologies and vendors.

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