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PoINT Storage Manager 6.3: Web interface and archive storage analysis

Key benefits of the new version are more flexible working and a clear overview of storage capacity

PoINT Storage Manager 6.3 enables access to data from any location, on any platform, using a graphical web interface

Siegen. Version 6.3 of the PoINT Storage Manager, available now, enables access to data from any location, on any platform, using a graphical web interface. The software also offers archive storage analysis, which allows administrators to clearly see at any time how much capacity is being used on each storage medium and how often data is accessed.

The PoINT Storage Manager therefore helps businesses to use their storage systems more efficiently within a tiered storage architecture. To do so, it uses a prespecified ruleset to transfer inactive data from expensive primary storage (the performance tier) to more cost-effective storage tiers (the capacity or archive tier). The new version of the data & storage management software includes a web interface which is compatible with all operating systems, platforms and devices. After logging in, the user can use this interface to access the data managed by the PoINT Storage Manager. They can therefore view archived files (including different versions of the files) from any location.

The second key new feature for the PoINT Storage Manager is its archive storage analysis functionality, which allows administrators to see at any time how much of each storage system’s overall capacity is being used and how often data is accessed. This overview also provides the number and age distribution of archived files. Using this information, admins can quickly assess when it will be necessary to invest in additional storage hardware. They can also use the statistical functionality to see which file types make up what proportion of the overall data volumes. They can also see an overview of file access history to understand what data users are reading and writing (and how much of it). This setup can be used as a basis to further optimise data transfer rules.

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