by Nicole Gauger

PoINT Storage Manager 5.1 now available

Siegen. The new version 5.1 of PoINT Storage Manager comes up with versatile novelties. The development was mainly focused on the support of object-based storage systems. Furthermore inactive data can now also be purged as objects to the Capacity Tier. Enhanced data protection and security functionalities, the possibility to include additional storage systems as source, an improved client/server communication as well as the option to migrate systems to be replaced to EMC VNX complete the functional range of PoINT Storage Manager 5.1.

PoINT Storage Manager is an intelligent solution for archiving inactive data according to policies from expensive primary storage to cost-effective secondary storage systems. Companies are able to reduce their acquisition and operating costs by combining different storage systems in a tiered storage architecture. Both traditional and new storage technologies like cloud and object storage are considered as secondary storage.  

By version 5.1 of PoINT Storage Manager, available from now on, the object-based storage systems NetApp StorageGRID Webscale, Caringo Swarm and Amplidata Himalaya can be used as secondary storage. Users benefit from the high scalability, performance and redundancy as well as fast data availability. Additionally object storage includes efficient functions to ensure long-term archiving.

Support of EMC Data Domain as NAS system and the tape-based Spectra Logic T-Series as additional devices is another novelty of this release. Customers using EMC Data Domain can thus benefit from the specific advantages of this storage system in combination with PoINT Storage Manager. NetApp FAS with “Clustered Data ONTAP” (cDOT), which enables inter alia interruptible operations for example in case of maintenance works and in addition reduces storage costs by high efficiency and seamless scalability, is also available as source.

Besides file-based data storage, object-based data storage is now also possible by PoINT Storage Manager within the Capacity Tier, the capacity-oriented storage layer for inactive data. Users profit multiple times from object-based storage. Object storage systems have, amongst others, an independent file directory structure and can access files via the web browser by the original description. In addition the backup process is easier. An improved communication between clients and server simplifies the security configuration and increases the data rate. Finally PoINT has integrated the option within PoINT Storage Manager to migrate obsolete primary storage systems to EMC VNX.

About PoINT:
PoINT Software & Systems GmbH is specialized in the development of software products and systems solutions for storage and management of data using all available mass storage technologies like optical, hard disk, tape, cloud and object store. Close collaboration with leading hardware manufacturers enables an early support of innovative storage technologies. Besides these complete solutions PoINT also offers its know-how as Toolkits, which can be easily integrated in other applications by a programming interface. Furthermore PoINT projects entire storage solutions and provides consultancy with its long-term and versatile experience.
PoINT products are distributed by our partners in more than 25 countries worldwide and have been installed successfully in more than 2 million installations. PoINT customers range from end users expecting a compact and secure solution to large corporations, which meet with our solutions their complex demands by providing the necessary reliability and perfection.

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