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Voessing streamlines Collaboration with Foxit PhantomPDF

Leading Engineering Company Leverages PhantomPDF Across HR, Planning, Project Management, and Construction Supervision To Improve Work Flow While Saving Time and Expense

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Fremont, Calif. Foxit Software, a leading provider of innovative PDF products and services, helping knowledge workers to increase their productivity and do more with documents, today announced that Voessing, a leading international engineering firm, is using Foxit’s PhantomPDF as its PDF Software solution in order to improve collaboration while saving time and money. Voessing, with more than 600 employees and 20 locations around the world, focuses on the fields of consulting, project management, and construction supervision, and has been implementing infrastructure projects of all sizes for almost 40 years.

Collaboration is a top priority for Voessing as the company’s engineers work cross-site on projects for customers around the world. As PDF has become the established file format of choice for the communication of information at Voessing, they needed a PDF solution that would allow collaboration between internal and external project team members. Almost all documents, including plans, meeting protocols, construction reports, measurement reports, contracts, measurements, correspondence, and photographic documentation, scanned files, Office files, and CAD drawings, are converted to PDF before being merged to the final digital project document at the company. After looking at numerous solutions, Voessing found that PhantomPDF fit their needs.

“Our main requirements for a PDF editor are that it’s easy to use, affordable and that it fits within our international collaborative environment,” said Bernd Gewehr, Head of IT at Voessing. “Our employees who had experience with PhantomPDF endorsed the solution and a test phase with a selected user group quickly helped to confirm this assessment.”

After the successful test, Voessing purchased 100 licenses - a number that has more than tripled since the original implementation, making PhantomPDF the standard PDF application in the company. This decision to deploy PhantomPDF companywide was made after an internal survey showed a significant majority of users preferred PhantomPDF.

Voessing leverages PhantomPDF across all departments such as HR, planning, project management, and construction supervision to view, edit, and modify PDF documents. Scans, Office, and CAD are usually converted to PDF. Afterwards the PDF documents from scans are OCRed so they are searchable and editable. This way, documents and information are easy to find and results can be easily shared within the project groups. This streamlines future research or the use of an existing document substantially, saving a lot of time.

“We are very happy with PhantomPDF because the product helps our employees to perform their tasks efficiently and professionally and is very easy to learn,” said Bernd Gewehr. “Foxit has delivered this at a very reasonable price. We are extremely satisfied with their services and plan to continue leveraging the partnership as our needs change in the future.”

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