by Nicole Gauger

crossMarket Online Platform Now Under New Management

Karlsbad. In Division Manager Nicolas Stumpf, the stand-alone business unit of Across Systems GmbH has acquired fresh expertise in the areas of strategy planning, growth hacking, and community management. Stumpf will apply his many years of experience in the media and online gaming industry to his responsibility for all strategic decisions around the crossMarket online platform.

“I am full of enthusiasm about the online world. The opportunities have never been as diverse as they are today. We would like to boost the activity on crossMarket, and the first step is of primary importance: to understand the actual problems and wishes of our target group and find custom-tailored solutions for them. The outlook is exciting and I’m very happy to be on board,” said Stumpf.

The business informatics specialist from Karlsruhe previously held management positions at several startups and was the product director at Gameforge. He added to his expertise by growing an online community with over 10,000 members.

“Nicolas is an experienced digital expert, and we are very happy to have acquired him. Under his leadership, we will continue to strategically develop our platform, reinvent it to some extent, and offer our members an even more multi-faceted marketplace for localization services. We plan to make some improvements,” said Gerd Janiszewski, CEO of Across Systems GmbH.

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The crossMarket online platform was established by Across Systems GmbH. It supports actors in the translation and localization sector as they develop new contacts, find jobs or offer them online, and find matching collaboration partners. Currently, crossMarket has almost 18,600 members from around the globe. They include freelance translators, students, translation agencies, and companies. All members have their own profiles on the business platform, enabling them to build networks. crossMarket brings the supply and demand for translation services together, simplifying its members’ daily routine.
Since March 2018, crossMarket has been an independent business unit. More information at:

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