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Congree version 6 is released

New in July: Congree version 6 is released

Karlsruhe. Congree Language Technologies GmbH is launching a new major version of the Congree Authoring Server. The development focused on three aspects in particular: usability, reporting and the linguistically based Congree Language Check.

Numerous innovations for the Congree Language Check, including more than 40 new rules, make it even easier than before to create understandable and consistent content in the appropriate wording.

In addition, the new Congree Control Center Web provides an administrative interface for the Congree Language Check. In the Congree Control Center Web, users can create and configure Style Guides for the Congree Language Check. The new Rule wizard helps to configure Language Check rules. The tool guides users rule by rule through a pre-selection of Congree rules and helps them to find the right rules for the given application purpose by providing explanatory details.

Users can also expect an enhanced reporting feature that enables them to analyze their company’s text quality. Reports on the quality of all texts can be created, analyzed and compared. Users can also see how often each rule was successfully applied. With the reporting feature, it is easy to maintain an overview and to further promote content optimization based on the success rates of individual rules.

The new major version becomes particularly apparent in the Congree Authoring Client, which comes along with a refreshed, modern user interface.
"And these were just a few of the highlights," explains Product Manager Philipp Baur and adds: "For Congree, the users are always the focus. Congree version 6 continues this consistently and offers a new Congree that is even more powerful and yet, as usual, intuitive and user-friendly".

Congree CEO Stefan Kreckwitz adds: "With over 500 development tasks, this is the largest release in Congree's history so far. Our version 6 provides a real benefit for all users".

Curious about Congree version 6? Then visit the product presentation by product manager Philipp Baur on August 18, 2020:

About Congree Language Technologies GmbH:
Congree Language Technologies GmbH, a software manufacturer in the field of authoring assistance, delivers the leading technology for the composition of consistent texts under consideration of defined style rules and uniform terminology. The development always focuses on the needs of the users. Congree supports the content optimization in enterprises and departments of all sizes and industries. By using Congree, professional authors can compose high-quality, rule-compliant, easy-to-translate texts in less time and at less cost.
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