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Congree Informs about Simplified Technical English

Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO, Congree Language Technologies GmbH

Karlsbad. Congree Language Technologies GmbH now supports companies even more systematically in the use of Simplified Technical English. For this purpose, the author assistance and content optimization software provider has compiled useful information on the subject on the landing page

"Simplified Technical English or STE is one of the most popular controlled languages in technical documentation", explains Stefan Kreckwitz, CEO of Congree. He continues: "Applied correctly, STE can help deliver texts that are easy to understand." What is more, STE helps to make translations easier and more inexpensive, also with regard to machine translation. For this, STE provides a limited vocabulary, straightforward syntax, and simplified sentence patterns that are outlined in a collection of writing rules. For example, the rules stipulate the use of lists instead of long sentences. They also suggest the use of articles or demonstrative pronouns before nouns. Furthermore, they recommend the use of short words, sentences, and paragraphs, basic tenses, and the active voice.

This and other interesting information can be found directly on the landing page and in various reading recommendations. For example, a video, a white paper, a fact sheet and a blog post are featured. Additionally, readers are shown how a machine-aided language check can facilitate the application of STE. With the help of a suitable author assistance tool, it is possible to implement Simplified Technical English as well as custom style guides. The software covers all writing-relevant rules of STE Issue 7 and knows all permitted words of the STE dictionary. In this way, it effectively assists authors in complying with the rules and meeting the requirements of the standard.

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Congree Language Technologies GmbH, a software manufacturer in the field of authoring assistance, delivers the leading technology for the composition of consistent texts under consideration of defined style rules and uniform terminology. The development always focuses on the needs of the users. Congree supports the content optimization in enterprises and departments of all sizes and industries. By using Congree, professional authors can compose high-quality, rule-compliant, easy-to-translate texts in less time and at less cost.
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