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Across Translator Edition v7 Now Available

Visual Across Translator Edition Version 7

Karlsbad. Across Systems GmbH has released version 7 of its Across Translator Edition. Among other things, the CAT tool can be connected to machine translation systems and is equipped with an interactive quality management module.

Across Systems has designed the Across Translator Edition for freelance translators. The software supports users by enabling the reuse of content, controlling workflows, and ensuring a high text quality. This greatly reduces the workload of translators. Version 7 of the Across Translator Edition can be connected seamlessly to the machine translation systems DeepL, KantanMT, Moses, SYSTRAN, and Google Translate. Subject to the customer's approval, these systems can be used to process translation tasks and generate more translation output in less time. The user receives the translation results from these systems in his accustomed Across environment and can post-edit them speedily. "Initially, translators often have difficulties post-editing texts. To work productively, they need to work much faster than when they translate", explains Julia Likutschewa, trainer at Across Systems GmbH. "The connection of our Across Translator Edition to machine translation systems enables translators to learn post-editing while processing their tasks. Once they have practiced enough to establish a workable routine, they can include post-editing as a service in their product portfolio."

Quality Management Reloaded

The new interactive quality management module in Across Translator Edition v7 shows the user exactly which passages in the translation contain errors. Additionally, the CAT tool automatically proposes corrections, which the translator can easily apply with a click. Alternatively, he can correct the respective passages manually. The new module thus enables the user to evaluate and optimize the translation quality even faster.

Open Multiple Tasks as One

To reduce the administrative overhead especially when translating smaller documents, the documents can be opened concurrently within a project. Additionally, this approach makes it easier for users to ensure the consistency of their translations.

crossMarket Membership Included

Users of the Across Translator Edition always receive their CAT tool as a bundle with the crossMarket account. The online network for Across users helps them to develop new sales potential and network with their customers. Across offers two variants: the free basic package without standalone mode including a crossMarket basic membership account and the payable premium package including a crossMarket premium membership account.
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About Across Systems GmbH:
With its smart software solutions, Across Systems assists enterprises and translators worldwide in successfully processing their translation projects. Customers from diverse industries use the Across Language Server and the Across Translator Edition to tackle their daily challenges when localizing technical documentation or marketing texts (e.g. in the field of e-commerce). With its crossMarket online platform, Across Systems offers all players in the localization industry easy access to contacts, projects, and tools.
The activities of Across Systems around the globe are managed by the company headquarters in Karlsbad near Karlsruhe, Germany. To align its solutions with user requirements, the software manufacturer closely collaborates with three advisory boards – the Corporate Advisory Board, the LSP Advisory Board, and the Translators' Advisory Board – as well as with a dedicated user group.
Use of the Across technology enables the implementation of transparent translation processes with a high degree of automation and maximum information security. Interacting systems can easily be connected with the help of interfaces. This saves time for what matters – the creation of high-quality content in multiple languages.
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